Choose Success

Be Deliberate

With all the daily demands in your life, it’s important to set aside time to focus on evolving the business which resides within your practice. We know that being deliberate about your practice results and organizing time to do that will yield great returns for patient care, staff engagement and practice profitability.

Booster & Refresher

Maybe it’s time for renewed structure and focus. We can help you get back to basics, engage and train your staff or new associate, improve staff, technology and space utilization, fine-tune scheduling and workflow, assist with relocation or office renovation plans, or simply organize time to co-manage projects.

Alumni Consultation

Comprehensive Practice Analysis

Your consultant will conduct a thorough analysis of your practice to begin your consulting relationship. During this time, we will gather and analyze data from different areas within your practice to develop a roadmap from which we can determine areas of focus and implementation goals that will help your practice become more successful.

On-Site Office Visit

Our diagnostic and training visit will focus on the optimization of your patient schedule, technology, operations, staff and space utilization to elevate your patient experience, achieve a more controlled day and improve practice profitability. We’ll discover other areas of opportunity during our visit as well and work them into our on-going plan of action.

Unlimited Consulting

We’ll help you define your goals in every area of your practice and then co-manage implementation to help you achieve your desired results. Our recommendations will be specific to your situation, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to monitor your progress.

Live Training

Our Practice Foundations Academy provides general training sessions for your entire team as well as special focus workshops on optical, marketing, finance, and operations to build a culture of engagement and innovation as you strengthen your practice foundation.

Pinpoint Practice Assessment

Williams Group is proud to offer our new Pinpoint Practice Assessment. Based on your answers to 40 thought-provoking questions, Williams Group will provide insight into the strengths and opportunity areas within your practice. By better understanding your practice, you can improve it. Complete our free assessment to get started.

Team Peak Performance

Rather than being the only one driving and implementing the initiatives of your practice, Alumni Advantage can help you create and maintain a team that is fully engaged, organized and accountable to the outcomes of your practice. We’ll provide staff training and personal development, enhance team organization and communication, guide project management, and help you renew a culture of initiative.

New Associate On-Boarding

Taking on a new associate requires a comprehensive plan of action, starting with a fair and production-based compensation structure, marketing strategies to grow a new patient base, and fundamental practice management training. If your new hire would benefit from professional coaching and business education, Alumni Advantage is a great place to start.


Have your attempts at establishing a marketing strategy fallen short? Are you looking for direction on how to grow your practice? We can assist you and your team with a marketing plan as well as ideas and implementation tasks for print, social media, online presence and electronic communication methods.

Practice Foundations Academy

Our two-day workshop provides a format to learn new ideas, processes and best practice technology, improve your patient experience, effectively resource your staff, strengthen your foundation, and build a culture of initiative and innovation. Plan to bring your entire team to attend general and break-out sessions and strategize with your consultant.

Financial Projections and Metrics

Strong production management builds a culture of staff initiative and engagement that fosters growth. It’s not just forecasting accurately or keeping a handful of metrics that drives your practice. It’s the conversations and discussions about implementation strategies and how to favorably impact the vital signs that are key to growth and control. If you’ve gotten away from basics, Alumni Advantage will help you tighten processes, re-establish a budget, track statistics, and assist your team in implementing course-correcting actions to impact your practice outcomes.

Office Relocation & Renovation

When you’ve outgrown your current space and need to expand or relocate, let the efficiency experts at Williams Group assist with your office design and workflow plans. From site selection and demographic, geospatial and competitor analysis to office/floor plan design, strong branding, use of technology, and product merchandising, we’ll help you create impact, differentiate your practice, and maximize the patient experience through modern design and workflow efficiency.

Scheduling, Staff, Space and Technology Utilization

Would you benefit from better control of your day? What would you do with the time a clinical assistant or Super Tech would buy you? We’ll help you implement organizational efficiency systems in which you can utilize your staff, space, technology, schedule and workflow to enhance and positively impact the patient’s journey and your practice’s profitability.

CodeSecure Audit

Optimize Reimbursements while Minimizing Risk

Healthcare compliance is a very broad consideration:  medical record documentation, coding and billing, MIPS, HIPAA, security risk analysis, etc. While Williams Group has been a part of the overall evolution of your practice, we are now a part of a broader practice focus with expertise in medical record compliance.

Our Medical Record Audit Program includes:

• Record audits by a Certified Professional Coder
• Easy upload of medical records and associated documents via a secure and HIPAA-compliant system
• Analysis of records for appropriate Evaluation and Management coding
• Analysis of records for potential audit risks
• Easy-to-interpret electronic audit reports
• Follow-up consulting call to discuss audit and create a plan of action