When it comes to your optometric practice, are you focusing on the right thing?

Are you searching for growth in a specific area of your practice?

Are you ready to invest in the knowledge of your team members?

Are you maximizing your schedule for work-life balance?

We've got you covered with the FOCUS Program!

Our FOCUS program focuses on one specific area of the practice, offers deliverables specific to your practice, in-bound coaching for business owners and online learners, personalized consulting, and ultimately, a fresh start! FOCUS is meant to be an intensive program focused specifically on one area of the optometry practice rather than the entire scope.

• Personalized Williams Group Consulting Availability 8-5 P.M. Mon. – Fri. CST

• In-bound coaching availability for business owners and online learners 8 – 5 p.m., Mon. – Fri., CST

• Specified deliverables

Schedule your call with Robin Elliott, President of Consulting, to get started on your practice growth!