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For over three decades, Williams Group has been committed to offering professional services in a knowledgeable, ethical, and timely fashion. Our team provides objective, unbiased valuations for maximized value with minimzed risk. 
We offer guidance for optometry practice appraisals, buying or selling an optometry practice, merging an optometry practice, and negotiation assistance.


If you're looking to buy an optometry practice, our expert advisors will help reduce the stress and provide you with the confidence you need to make the right buying decision.


Explore the idea of establishing a successful partnership with our carefully considered negotiation skills, a well-organized action plan, and insights on the partnership contracts.


If you are ready to navigate the process of selling your optometry practice, our professional consultants will assist you in the development of a clear path to a successful transition.

Williams Group has helped thousands of private optometry practices transition to their next phase.


Practice Appraisals

Practice Sales

From our clients

"The most impactful aspect was being able to feel comfortable with the process of the buyout. I don't have any statistics to share per se, but Bill Nolan was our facilitator and he had years of experience leading practice transitions and um acquisitions. I really wanted a neutral third party. So emotions wouldn't get in the way. And Williams consulting created a fair and professional environment really to have those often tough conversations and just a platform to know which questions to ask. For me, having a sounding board to express my concerns and to ask questions to an experienced professional was everything, it just really gave me the peace of mind that I needed. I actually wasn't the one who chose Williams Group. The doctor whose practice I was purchasing, chose Williams and he, as a practice seller, and I, as the practice buyer, split the consulting fee 50/50. Throughout his entire career, the practice seller had always recognized the importance of practice management. And the Williams Group was one of the consulting companies he had used in years past. But because he remained impressed with what they had previously offered and what they consistently brought to the table, having them be the ones to facilitate our practice transition was a no-brainer."


Vision Tech Optometry Center, Inc.

"The Williams Group reputation precedes itself in helping the private practice optometrist succeed in buying, selling, or starting their business. When I began considering adding another location, I called Williams Group immediately. From the get go, I was treated respectfully and fairly and they listened to my wants and needs. The previous owner and myself agreed to work together and we were placed with Tammi Sufficool, the EVP of Practice Transitions. It was amazing what we thought we knew to be correct about the transition versus what we found to be true. Tammi and her team laid out a well detailed plan and explained the timeline of the transition and how we would get there together. It has been just over a year since the change of ownership and both Dr. Harris and myself are still pleased with the process. Business is good, but most importantly the patients have continued to receive great care while continuing operations without a hiccup. Both parties were explained of the positives and negatives of a stock purchase versus an asset purchase. A stock purchase was what we chose to move forward with and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to Tammi and Williams Group for your help in transitioning ownership for Harris Eye Clinic and helping to keep private practice optometry, private! A 10 out of 10 experience!"


Harris Eye Clinic | Paragould, AR

"I needed help with valuation of my practice and practical, accurate advice and processes to transition to our next modality of practice. The most impact was seen when we needed to stay on track and get answers to tough questions. With the team of experienced consultant at the Williams Group, we achieved this in an amazing time frame. Tammi kept us on track with setting realistic goals and carrying out the tasks in a timely manner. We had meetings at times and tasks completed that turned out key turning points in many aspects of selling my practice. It was nice to have someone being able to anticipate and help with my practice transition. The Williams Group is a full-service consulting company. They helped me open my practice 14 years ago and sell my very successful practice to transition to the next phase of optometry and my life. I am very grateful for the entire team!"


Personal Eyes


Williams Group's highly skilled team of advisors have years of experience in helping optometrists buy their dream practice. Whether you are doing a partial buy-in or full buy-in, we'll assist with the architectural structure of the deal.

Our sale-side advisors will take away the stress and hassle of the myriad of details and requests for financial information that most optometrists are not familiar with. The process of buying a practice can be overwhelming because of the complexity of the deal structure and financial terms offered. Our in-depth consulting and the guidance of your lease negoations for you to ensure a smooth transition and the best possible financial outcome for your success and happiness.

Williams Group offers consulting and advisory services for even the most complex transitions. 

Valuation & Appraisal

A detailed and accurate, neutral 3rd-party assessment of a practice's value will provide the confidence necessary to structure and navigate your practice transition. A Practice Appraisal is critical in properly understanding and structuring a practice transition, whether it involves buying, selling, partnering, or estate planning. Many factors are considered when valuing a practice. Our experienced accountants and CPAs use four well-established methodologies to analyze complete information including annual collected receipts, net percentage, capital expenditures, technology, business systems, and goodwill.

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SMOOTH selling

The question most doctors and practice owners find difficult to answer is 'When is the right time to sell my practice?'. The answer to this is simple, there is no right or perfect time, with the exception of the market of course, because every doctor's situation is unique! From wanting to retire, a career change, or leave the management side of the practice up to someone else. Our industry experts have decades of experience to help you successfully plan and execute the transition process, no matter what phase you are in.

Williams Group is dedicated to bringing you the highest possible value for your practice in today's competitive market.


Enhance your practice with a formal arrangement between two or more optometrists to jointly own and operate your optometry practice. This collaboration  allows for providers to join their resources and share the responsibilities. The process of forming a partnership can be complex and engaging an industry expert can provide invaluable guidance with contractual agreements, the financial acumen, objective mediation, and succession planning. Our experts help structure a sound partnership that thrives for the long run.

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Our Team of professionals

Bill Nolan

Bill Nolan

President of Practice Transitions

Tammi Sufficool

Tammi Sufficool

Executive VP of Practice Transitions

Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch

Coordinator of Transition Services

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