"Reflecting on 2021. It was a thrilling, sometimes scary ride. Williams Group steady hand and leadership helped propel some amazing growth."

Matthew J. DeLuca OD


Are you looking to bring on more staff members, even an associate OD? Are you hoping to reach more patients throughout the day? 

With the Executive Management Program, you receive the expert guidance needed to reach your practice growth goals.


Are you struggling to find a work-life balance that allows you time with your family while also having a successful optometry practice?

The Executive Management Program helps you put the process in place to meet your work-life balance needs.


Do you have dreams of opening another optometry practice location? Are you currently running multiple optometry practice locations?

Consulting and advisement from the Executive Management Program can help you manage multiple locations.


Reach Your Practice Goals

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Assigned Executive Management Coach

⋅ Monthly Strategic Management Call with Executive Management Coach

In-Bound Coaching Availability for Online Learners 8 – 5 p.m. Mon. – Fri. CST

Online Learning Library

⋅ Downloadable Tools to Help You Manage and Grow Practice

⋅ Live Lunch & Learns Provided by an Executive Management Trainer

About the Executive Management Program

As an Executive Management client, you are choosing to invest in the success of your practice. The Executive Management Program is a multi-phase program built to develop your team. With expert optometry-specific consultants, you can rest easy knowing you'll reach your practice goals.​

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