The Williams Group Optometric Success Center Learning (OSCL) provides affordable, on-demand training for business owners who prefer not to interact with a coach, but still need accessible, accountable training for new employees as well as the opportunity to keep skills and knowledge up to date for themselves and their team.

The OSCL includes complete access to our professional, on-demand broad-based training platform: Optometric Success Center Library, offering more than 170 (and growing weekly) current, virtual courses. It also includes access to “Live Group Sessions” which will allow your team to ask our trainers questions to ensure they grasp concepts. Plus, you’ll receive access to Insights, which lets you know how your team is doing. Additionally: Should you have a challenging situation or question and would like a professional opinion and/or recommendations, we offer hourly consulting as well.

What does the​ Optometric Success Center Learning (OSCL) include?

Gain access to the OSCL. Renews monthly for as long as you need and includes:

  • Complete access to the OSCL professional, broad-based training library offering more than 170 (and growing) virtual courses
  • Fee is per location. Each location receives 5 online learning library licenses (licenses are not transferable; additional licenses can be purchased for $20 each)
  • Adaptive and productive models, along with documents to help you manage and grow your practice
  • Live group coaching sessions facilitated by an Executive Management Trainer to ensure staff successfully grasp concepts
  • Access to "Insights" reporting, which lets you know how your team is doing

Get affordable, on-demand training with the help of the Optometric Success Center.

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