Understand and manage your practice with Williams Group as your financial partner. Optometry-specific bookkeeping, reporting, payroll, accounting, and tax services will provide you with insights into your financial health, empowering you to make informed decisions and steer your practice. Williams Group financial services will dramatically enhance the value of Consulting and Transitions services.

Full-Service Optometry Financial Accounting: Bookkeeping and Reporting

In-Depth Cash Flow Understanding: Our Profit & Loss Statement is crafted for optometrists to grasp their cash flow fully - tracking how the practice's operating net is generated and utilized.

Clear EBITDA & Operating Net Insights: Our financial statements demystify crucial metrics like EBITDA and Operating Net, key to evaluating practice performance.

Weekly QuickBooks Online Management: Accurate posting of daily transactions to keep your books up-to-date by your assigned US based lead accountant.

Monthly Reconciliations: Rigorous reconciliation of bank and credit card statements for financial accuracy.

Monthly Financial Statements: Production of detailed financial statements to track your practice's health, delivered by the 14th of every month.

Performance Benchmarking: Analysis and comparison of your results against key optometry benchmarks for strategic insights.

Empowered Decision-Making: Access to crucial data for informed decisions, driving growth and profitability.

Tax Services Exclusively for Optometrists

Specialized Tax Services: We provide tailored services for optometrists to solve the complexities of tax preparation and planning for you.

Strategic Tax Planning & Minimization: Proactive strategies designed and implemented to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize savings.

After tax cash flow projections: We provide clarity on future earnings with after-tax cash flow projections and planned estimated tax payments.

Tax Strategies for Practice Sales: Strategic tax planning for practice sales to maximize gains and minimize taxes.

Comprehensive Tax Preparation: Expert handling of all tax entity types and forms including:

  • Form 1120S for Corporate Returns
  • Form 1065 for Partnership Returns
  • Form 1040 for Personal Tax Returns

Tax Reviews: We offer reviews of prior years' tax filings.

Payroll Service with a Personal Touch

Complete Data Entry Services: We handle all aspects of payroll data entry, from hours worked to payroll adjustments, and employee changes.

Custom Categorization: Categorization that differentiates among associate doctors, owner doctors, and staff.

Effortless Direct Deposits: Streamline your payroll with hassle-free direct deposit services. Next day direct deposit.

Comprehensive Tax Handling: Expertly manage and file all federal, state, and local withholding and unemployment taxes and forms.

W2 Management: Seamlessly provide annual W2s to employees and submit these to the Social Security Administration on your behalf.

Additional Services

1099 Preparation: We simplify your contractor tax reporting.

Workers Compensation Audits: We offer completion of audits with insights into employee category insurance ratings.

Custom Financial Reports on Demand: Tailored ad hoc financial reporting to meet your unique needs.

Sales/Use Tax Filings: We offer accuracy and compliance with monthly, quarterly, or annual sales/use tax filings.

Secretary of State Annual Report Filings: We ensure timely Secretary of State Annual Report Filings to maintain good standing.

Business Personal Property Tax Returns: We expertly navigate business personal property tax returns for optimal savings.

EBITDA Calculations: To maximize your selling price negotiations.

Annual Budget Creation: Custom Annual budget creation to steer your business towards  your practice goals.

Cashflow Projections: We develop accurate cashflow projections to anticipate and manage future financial health.

And More... Discover a wide range of services tailored to support the growth and efficiency of your practice.

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Utilizing Williams Group Financial has allowed me more time to focus on patient care, while still allowing me to be very involved in my daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping and payroll.

Craig Smargiasso, OD

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