Brad Rourke, CPA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Bill Nolan
President of Practice Transitions
Robin Elliott
President of Consulting
Tammi Sufficool, MBA
President of Practice Start-Ups
Gilan Cockrell, OD, FAAO
Special Advisor
Thomas Beckmann
Accountant & Onboarding Specialist
Cody Bowers
Accountant & Onboarding Specialist
Connor DeBusk
Financial Controller
    Sonny Gonzalez
    Tyler Grindstaff
    Sheila Hayes
    Executive Management Coach
    Archie Keebler
    Tax Manager, CPA
    Brittney Kelshaw
    Director of Marketing
    Rick Larose
    Patrick McReynolds
    Operations Manager
    Bess Ogden
    Director of Operations and Education - Consulting
    Jodi Remington
    Nathan Schmunk
    Tax Accountant
    Sarah Skirry
    Sales Director
    Kim Wilnes
    Senior Office Assistant
    Steven Wright
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