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Register for webinar: Sliding the Schedule

with Robin Elliott

Master the art of sliding the patient schedule in session 4 of our 6-part webinar series with Robin Elliott on July 12th at 2:15 PM CT. This session will teach you how to adjust your scheduling tactics to accommodate unexpected changes and maximize daily workflow efficiency. Learn strategic techniques for prioritizing appointments, managing delays, and ensuring patient satisfaction even when schedules shift. We'll explore how to use both technology and staff communication effectively to adapt to the day’s needs without compromising the quality of care. Ideal for optometry professionals seeking to enhance flexibility and responsiveness in their practice, this webinar will equip you with the necessary skills to keep your operations smooth and your patients happy.

Join us on July 12, 2024 at 2:15 PM central.

Register for webinar: Effective Pre-Appointing & Recall

with Robin Elliott

Join us for session 5 of our 6-part series; a comprehensive webinar on enhancing your optometry practice through effective pre-appointing and recall strategies. In this session on August 9th at 2:15 PM CT, you'll learn the difference between pre-appointments and recall, how to proactively schedule future appointments, and implement a robust recall system to ensure continuous care for patient retention. Discover the best practices for engaging patients at the right time, using both automated tools and personalized outreach to foster loyalty and compliance with treatment plans.

Join us on August 9, 2024 at 2:15 PM central.

Register for webinar: Whose Role is it to Schedule?

with Robin Elliott

Join us on September 13th at 2:15 PM CT for our final session in our 6-part webinar series as Robin Elliott, President of Consulting, that explores the roles and responsibilities in scheduling appointments within optometry practices. This session will clarify who should handle scheduling tasks to optimize efficiency and patient service. Learn about the distribution of duties among staff, the importance of clear communication channels, and how to best utilize the skills of each team member for effective scheduling. Provide your practice with the knowledge to assign scheduling roles effectively and boost your operational success.

Join us on September 13, 2024 at 2:15 PM central.

Mastering Confirmations: Blending Technology with Human Touch in Optometry Practices

with Robin Elliott, Jennica McClure, and Adria Shields

Join Robin Elliott from Williams Group and Jennica McClure and Adria Shields from Weave for session three of the 6-part webinar series. They delve into the crucial balance between technology and personal interaction in optometry practice appointment confirmations. This webinar offers valuable insights into how optometry practices can enhance efficiency and patient communication by integrating sophisticated scheduling technologies with the indispensable human touch. Perfect for those using Weave or considering integrating similar technologies into their practice.

Optimize Your Optometry Practice with Effective Appointment Scheduling!

with Robin Elliott

Our second session of the 6-part webinar series dedicated to perfecting appointment scheduling within optometry practices. This replay offers essential techniques designed to enhance your scheduling efficiency and patient satisfaction. What You'll Learn: Streamlining Processes: Discover how to simplify your appointment scheduling to ensure seamless daily operations. Managing Call Volumes: Get the basics on effectively handling incoming calls to prioritize patient needs without overwhelming your staff. Utilizing Software: Maximize the capabilities of your scheduling software for peak efficiency. Professional Patient Interaction: Learn how every patient interaction can be smooth, professional, and perfectly timed to foster satisfaction and repeat visits.

Master Patient Loyalty in Optometry: Turn Phone Shoppers Into Loyal Patients

with Robin Elliott

Catch the full replay here! In the first session of our 6-part series on Schedule Management, industry expert Robin Elliott, President of Consulting at Williams Group, reveals the secrets to achieving a remarkable 70% conversion rate from phone inquiries. Discover how to turn casual shoppers into loyal patients through proven strategies and practical insights. In this session, you will learn: The importance of understanding where your patients come from. Effective scripting and role-playing techniques to enhance service excellence. Actionable steps to track and improve your team’s success. Robin Elliott provides in-depth guidance on forging strong patient connections and elevating your practice's loyalty and new patient acquisition strategies. Equip your practice with the knowledge needed to transform phone inquiries into loyal patients.

Tax Considerations Selling an Optometry Practice

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

Watch our webinar replay with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV, on tax strategies for optometry practice transition! Ideal for practice owners contemplating a sale or transition, this session covers crucial tax considerations for asset vs. stock sales, private equity deals, seller-financed buy-ins, and installment sales benefits. Perfect for practice owners at any stage in their transition journey, this webinar offers valuable insights into navigating the complex tax implications of practice transition with confidence.

Strategic P&L Structure

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

This webinar delves into the financial management techniques specifically designed for Optometry Practices. Explore the P&L structuring recommended by the Williams Group, aimed at optimizing profitability and operational efficiency. Gain invaluable insights into the pivotal metrics for financial enhancement, including a detailed comparison of EBITDA versus operating net income in the optometry sector. This session also introduces the advantages of integrating QuickBooks Online with wgFinancial, streamlining your financial operations. Ideal for optometrists seeking to refine their financial strategies and transition to QuickBooks Online.

OD Tax-Free Distributions - Fact or Fiction?

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

This session, led by Brad Rourke, a seasoned CPA and ABV with a deep understanding of optometry taxation and business valuation, aims to shed light on common misunderstandings regarding tax distributions. In this webinar, you will discover effective strategies for extracting income from your company, tailored to the unique needs of optometry practice owners. This is an invaluable opportunity for optometry practice owners looking to refine their tax planning strategies.

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