Strategic P&L Structure

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

This webinar delves into the financial management techniques specifically designed for Optometry Practices. Explore the P&L structuring recommended by the Williams Group, aimed at optimizing profitability and operational efficiency. Gain invaluable insights into the pivotal metrics for financial enhancement, including a detailed comparison of EBITDA versus operating net income in the optometry sector. This session also introduces the advantages of integrating QuickBooks Online with wgFinancial, streamlining your financial operations. Ideal for optometrists seeking to refine their financial strategies and transition to QuickBooks Online.

OD Tax-Free Distributions - Fact or Fiction?

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

This session, led by Brad Rourke, a seasoned CPA and ABV with a deep understanding of optometry taxation and business valuation, aims to shed light on common misunderstandings regarding tax distributions. In this webinar, you will discover effective strategies for extracting income from your company, tailored to the unique needs of optometry practice owners. This is an invaluable opportunity for optometry practice owners looking to refine their tax planning strategies.

The Impact of An Associate

with Bill Nolan

Are you looking to elevate your professional journey and explore the impact of an associate in your practice? This webinar is meticulously crafted for professionals eager to explore the dynamic benefits of bringing an associate into their practice. This is more than just a learning experience; it's an opportunity to envision and strategize the future of your practice with the added advantage of an associate. Listen to Bill Nolan, President of Practice Transitions, to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for collaborative practice growth.

Optimize Your Optometry Practice's Tax Structure - Find Out How

with Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV

Watch our webinar replay featuring Brad Rourke, CPA, ABV, an accounting expert in the optometry field, for a deep dive into optimizing your practice's tax structure. Discover the most beneficial tax entity structures for your practice and understand how to maximize tax savings, especially for practices with multiple physicians. Learn the intricacies of balancing W2 wages with distributions to ensure financial efficiency. Equip yourself with practical year-end tax tips that can lead to significant savings. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, this webinar is designed to provide actionable strategies for all. 

Navigating the Partnership Path

with Bill Nolan

Watch webinar replay of Bill Nolan, President of Practice Transitions, as he discusses how to seamlessly navigate a partnership in your optometry practice! Bill Nolan has been in practice management consulting with Williams Group since 1989. Bill is a well-known lecturer in the industry and has presented at all of the major optometric venues in the United States, Canada, and Australia on staff management, optometric business finance, and organizational management. He also extensively consults on practice transitions and exit/entry strategies for practice ownership.

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