What does the​ Optometric Success Center (OSC) include?

Gain access to the OSC. Renews monthly for as long as it fits your optometric needs and includes:

  • Full access to the OSC professional, broad-based training library offering current virtual courses
  • Downloadable tools and resources to help you manage and grow your practice
  • Customized one-on-one sessions sessions with an Executive Management Trainer to answer your questions
  • Insights reporting for accountability and overview of your teams progress

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Not only does the OSC library offer great training courses for all different staff positions, but it also serves as a great resource for doctors and business owners! I am an OD who has learned a lot from the OSC courses, especially in the areas of optical training and billing/coding. I feel that it has given me a better understanding as a doctor, and has helped me to find new ways to train my staff in order to provide quality patient care!

Jeremy Gardner, OD

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