Be Deliberate

We know that being deliberate about your practice results and organizing time to do that will yield great returns for patient care, staff engagement and practice profitability. We've helped thousands of practices reach their goals, and we're confident we can assist you in reaching your next level of success.

Get Results

You desire to control your own destiny and that requires a different level of organization, coaching and implementation. We are honored to provide that level of strategy, training, education, team development and systems refinement to result in a stronger and more profitable practice and more fun and fulfillment in owning your business.

Michel Pawlosky-Maiers, OD

"Before hiring Williams Group, I didn’t know much about running a business, and my practice was all over the place. We had no benchmarks set, no goals in place, and were just hoping to grow. Since hiring Williams Group, I am less stressed and know exactly where my practice should be. We grew by $70K in the first year with Williams Group, and have been growing at a great pace each year since. Currently, I am in the process of furnishing my third exam room, and we have a new OD who sees patients once a week for me. Williams Group has helped with just about every aspect of my practice. For me, this was life changing and the best thing for my staff, my practice, and myself."

Michel Pawlosky-Maiers, OD

Youngwood Eye Care | Youngwood, PA
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What does FastTrack include?

FastTrack is an interactive consulting program designed for the doctor who desires to learn the components necessary for running a successful optometric business, and/or for the doctor intending to sell their practice at the highest value possible in today’s competitive market. 

Unique Program Features Include: 

Assigned Executive Management Coach 

• Scheduled strategic planning sessions with your personally assigned Executive Management Coach 

• In-bound coaching availability for business owners and online learners 8 – 5 p.m., Mon. – Fri., CST 


Outline of Program Deliverables: 

• Optometric Success Center Learning (OSCL) Online Training Library o Complete access to the OSCL professional, broad-based, virtual training library offering more than 50 educational paths designed to develop expertise in all areas of optometric practices 

                 o Tools and resources that help you manage and grow your practice 

                 o Live group coaching sessions facilitated by an Executive Management Trainer to ensure staff successfully grasp concepts 

                 o Access to insights reporting 

• In-depth Practice Performance Analysis (PPA) and Plan of Action 

• Leadership calls with the Practice Administrator (PA) to review goals and progress, with ongoing coaching, if applicable 

• Guidance on the hiring of Practice Administrator (if needed) and training 

• Financial management consultation 

• Tools and resources to set goals, benchmarks, and control expenses 

• Chart Audit 

• Fees analysis 

• Material pricing analysis 

• Online presence analysis, including Demographic Analysis report 

• Practice layout and technology advisement 

• DISC Personality Profile o DISC is an acronym for dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness 

            o Use personality profile assessments for selecting the right candidate, building your team, and mentoring your team 

             o Reporting of three graphics representing each individual’s personality 

• Staffing model 

• Staff training and ongoing accountability include: o Leadership 

         o Customized schedule template and management 

         o Dispensary management 

         o Customized staff sales and technical semantics 

         o Insurance billing and accounts receivables 

         o Scoreboard utilization and understanding for growth and improvement 

         o Clinic care optimization 

         o Contact lens best practices 

         o Evolved patient experience and office flow 

• Associate doctor recommendations 

Schedule your call with Robin Elliott, President of Consulting, to learn more about our FastTrack program!

Alex Permann, OD

"After being employed as an associate optometrist for a year, I realized I wanted to be able to make my own decisions. I purchased a 70+ year established practice and knew I was going to need guidance through the transition as well as help with learning how to run a business. Williams Group kept me on track to efficiently make the right decisions. They understand what it takes to run a successful practice, and I have learned how to leverage it. In just six months, we nearly doubled our average revenue per patient! Because of Williams Group, I have a good work/life balance, and I truly enjoy being a practice owner."

Alex Permann, OD

605 Vision | Chamberlain, SD
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Comprehensive Practice Analysis

Your consultant will conduct a thorough analysis of your practice to begin your consulting relationship. During this time, we will gather and analyze data from different areas within your practice to develop a roadmap from which we can determine areas of focus and implementation goals that will help your practice become more successful.

Unlimited Consulting

We’ll help you define your goals in every area of your practice and then co-manage implementation to help you achieve your desired results. Our recommendations will be specific to your situation, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to monitor your progress.

Live Training

Our Optometric Success Center provides general training sessions for your entire team as well as special focus workshops on optometry operations, finances, culture, and more to build a culture of engagement and innovation as you strengthen your practice foundation.

Douglas Rienks, OD

"When I purchased an existing practice 16 years ago, I quickly found the difficulties that came along with it. We were floundering to get patients and struggling to make cashflow; all finances were going into the practice. I heard of Williams Group through a friend who had great success with them, and I liked their idea of what’s good for the patient is good for the practice. Williams Group helped me build the foundation of my practice. We went from having difficulties with practice growth to grossing more than seven figures annually."

Douglas Rienks, OD

Nebraska Eye Institute | Lincoln, NE
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About FastTrack

Implementation Consulting
Once your plan of action is established, you’ll work closely with your consultant to implement the programs, procedures, and analytics needed to get your practice on track.

Strategic Consulting
If new and unexpected issues should arise, such as a new associate or an office relocation, your consultant will collaborate with you to evaluate and determine the best course to take.

Want to learn more about our FastTrack program? Contact us here.