Hiring an associate can be a valuable addition to your practice when you hire the right candidate, at the right time. By hiring an associate that aligns with your practice goals and philosophy, you can increase your profitability and improve your practice.

An in-depth Practice Performance Analysis will show you where your practice is at today and provide you with an action plan for tomorrow to be financially confident in hiring an Associate OD.
Williams Group has the tools you need to market, recruit, and onboard your new Associate OD. Together,
we'll develop a winning compensation model that will help your practice attract a rockstar Associate OD with a custom success plan to hit the ground running
The strategic coaching that Williams Group has to offer eye care professionals is an innovative shift in coaching. Our coaches have decades of experience to provide you with the guidance your practice needs for the growth you want.

Let's jump on a quick call to discuss the opportunities your practice has.

Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Robin Elliott, President of Consulting at Williams Group to get an expert's perspective on practice growth.

Our Williams Group Team

Williams Group's talented and dedicated consultants will provide you with relationship-based consulting to help you streamline your existing processes and reach your net receipt goals!

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