Unpacking VEW23: Key Insights from a Consultant’s Lens

October 6, 2023

Vision Expo West 2023 (VEW) in Las Vegas, NV, never fails to offer a comprehensive overview of the current trends in the optical industry. As consultants, we often find ourselves in the midst of these evolutions, trying to make sense of them for our clients. This past week my colleagues Bess Ogden, Ellie Rogers, and I explored VEW with open minds to continue to “sharpen the saw” for our industry. Here are a few of our significant takeaways from this year’s expo:

Continued Importance of Efficiency and Adaptability: The world of optometry business is no different from other industries - efficiency and adaptability remains paramount with the rising cost of doing business and technology challenging conventional thought. The concept of not leaving things to chance resonated with us. In today’s competitive environment, a calculated approach is the only way forward. We have a choice. Lie down and refuse to adapt as an ostrich or have the keen vision and alertness of a hawk to navigate.

Rethinking Our Knowledge: The rise of virtual assistance forces us to reevaluate what we know. For example, the traditional roles, such as opticians, are being challenged. The question being– Do you want your revenue producers doing administrative tasks? Why would you have your optican in the lab ordering, billing, checking in inventory, etc., when they could be on the floor working with patients, and quite possibly in the room with you helping to directly generate income and enhance the value of the patient’s experience! Virtual assistance may be the answer to efficiently and cost effectively delegate tasks. Especially when we are dealing with hiring shortages and rising staff expenses. It's a sign that as professionals, we must remain adaptable. Virtual assistance may not be the answer for everyone, but it may be an option to continue to thrive. As we reflect on the implications of virtual assistance, it's evident that this is just one facet of a larger shift in the optical industry driven by technological advancements and changing business dynamics.

As technology and business landscapes evolve, so must industry practices and roles too. The emphasis on adaptability, efficiency, and the reconsideration of traditional roles – as seen with the potential of virtual assistance – highlights the need for professionals to be both proactive and innovative. Embracing these shifts, while tapping into the vast reservoir of industry knowledge, is crucial for continued growth and success. The insights from VEW serve as a clarion call for the optical community to anticipate change, adapt to it, and turn challenges into opportunities.

Most importantly, you have an industry of qualified professionals with years of experience to help you run a lean practice with a commitment to excellence and growth. Don’t be left behind. At Williams Group, we are committed, and invite you to reach out.

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Robin Elliott

President of Consulting
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