What is the Executive Management Program?

The Williams Group Executive Management Program (EMP) is a broad-based program designed to help doctors become better business owners.

  • Assigned Executive Management Coach
  • Monthly strategic planning sessions with your personally assigned Executive Management Coach
  • Access to the Optometric Success Center, online training library
  • Full access to the OSC professional, broad-based training library offering current virtual courses
  • Downloadable tools and resources to help you manage and grow your practice
  • Customized one-on-one sessions sessions with an Executive Management Trainer to answer your questions
  • Insights reporting for accountability and overview of your teams progress

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"When I purchased an existing practice 16 years ago, I quickly found the difficulties that came along with it. We were floundering to get patients and struggling to make cashflow; all finances were going into the practice. I heard of Williams Group through a friend who had great success with them, and I liked their idea of what’s good for the patient is good for the practice. Williams Group helped me build the foundation of my practice. We went from having difficulties with practice growth to grossing more than seven figures annually."

Douglas Rienks, OD

"I was so busy spinning at work, losing out on revenue and family time. With Williams Group's Executive Management Program, I have the theory, the exact step-by-step, right at my fingertips. In all my years of experience, staff and manager training is the biggest need (and headaches) in a practice."

Albert NG, OD

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