Reviews from our Executive Management Program Clients

REBECCA ST. JEAN, O.D. | South Charleston, WV

“Everything I have taken away from Williams Group has benefited me financially, from a staff standpoint and also from a mental health standpoint. Having guidance and knowing that you have resources to go to has been extremely helpful.

We started implementing better processes and then got caught up in COVID. Ironically, things held. We’ve been able to take control of our schedule and work to be as efficient as we can be. Even with seeing fewer patients than we used to."

ALBERT NG, O.D. | Ontario, Canada

"I was so busy spinning at work, losing out on revenue and family time. With Williams Group’s Executive Management Program, I have the theory, the exact step-by-step, right at my fingertips.

In all my years of experience, staff and manager training is the biggest need (and headache) in a practice."

ANN VOSS, O.D., FCOVD, Diplomate ABO | Bellaire, TX

“You have always been there for us through many stages of change and growth and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your expertise of the industry, your skill in managing and training people, and your deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful optometric business with high quality service at the top of the goal list. Second to quality service, you always focus on the doctors and the staff having all their needs met and creating a profitable, enjoyable, fun environment. We’re enormously grateful for all those things.”


"The OSCL is an excellent resource. I appreciate that OSCL is not biased towards brands or products. It covers a huge variety of topics and include both on-demand virtual training paired with live online training to reinforce and expand on the covered topics."

RAMI FRIEDMAN, O.D. | South Charleston, WV

"I had years of training to care for patients’ vision and eye health. I don’t pretend to know how to dispense a pair of glasses or the myriad of other aspects on how to run an optometry office. The team at Williams Group are the experts."

Design the life you want with a personal coach that guides you and your team through the efficiencies within the optometry practice and ensure you exceed your yearly goals.

What does the Executive Management Program include?

• Assigned Executive Management Coach

⋅ Monthly Strategic Management Call with Executive Management Coach

⋅ In-Bound Coaching Availability for Online Learners 8 – 5 p.m. Mon. – Fri. CST

• Online Learning Library

⋅ 10 Online Learning Library Licenses per Registration (licenses are not transferable; additional licenses can be purchased at $20 each)

⋅ Downloadable Tools to Help You Manage and Grow Practice

⋅ Live Group Coaching Sessions Provided by an Executive Management Trainer

Design the life you want with the support of our Executive Management Program.

Schedule a phone call with one of our elite Executive Management Coaches to determine what your practice needs to reach your goals and to give you the freedom you’ve been looking for.

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