Our Practice Management Director will drive the implementation of optometry management principles needed to run an efficient, successful practice.

With a detailed practice analysis completed, together with our Practice Management Director, you’ll develop a plan of action with a strict timeline to carry out effectively within the given time frame. You’ll have in-depth discussions with your Practice Management Director on strategic projects and the ideal outcomes.

After developing a strong relationship with you, your Practice Management Director will provide you with structure and support along the way to evolve your business.  As an eye care professional, it’s important to have someone on your side with the ability to objectively see your long-term goals and drive the performance of your optometry practice.

What does Intensive Growth include?

Intensive Growth is a highly customized interactive consulting program designed for the doctor who desires to learn the components necessary for running a successful optometric business, or for the doctor intending to sell their practice at the highest value possible in today’s competitive market.

Unique Program Features Include:

Assigned Executive Management Coach

• Scheduled strategic planning sessions with your personally assigned Executive Management Coach

• In-bound coaching availability for business owners and online learners 8 – 5 p.m., Mon. – Fri., CST

Special Features:

• In-depth Practice Performance Analysis (PPA) and Plan of Action

Office visit

o 11/2 day observation and recommendations

o Office Visit to be scheduled after 60 days of enrollment in Intensive Growth

• EyeCarePro | RingnAnalytics

o State-of-the-art AI technology for advanced schedule and phone management including:

Real time analysis of in-office phone calls

Performance indicators to determine your patient’s booking behaviors for enhanced communication 

Heat map analysis for optimized staffing and phone management

• Optify

o Intuitive e-commerce experience to increase your eyewear capture rate and revenue

o Enhanced patient experience through an online inventory that gives patients the power

to pre-shop at home, or recapture their attention if they didn’t purchase the first time

o Saves your opticians time in the dispensary


o Practice stats at your finger tips

o Review of lost-revenue opportunities

o Customizable dashboard

o Analytics of plan participation

• Social media marketing

o Social media profile creation and/or optimization

o 10-15 social media posts per month

o Custom branded graphics, including practice logo and color scheme

o Monthly suggestions for office specific content to enhance your social media presence

o Social Media Success monthly newsletter

Outline of Program Deliverables:

• Optometric Success Center Learning (OSCL) Online Training Library

o Complete access to the OSCL professional, broad-based, virtual training library offering more than 50 educational paths designed to develop expertise in all areas of an optometric practices

o Adaptive and productive models, along with documents that help you manage and grow your practice

o Live group coaching sessions facilitated by an Executive Management Trainer to ensure staff successfully grasp concepts

o Access to insights reporting

• Leadership calls with Practice Administrator (PA) to review goals and progress, with on-going coaching, if applicable

• Guidance on hiring of Practice Administrator (if needed) and training

• Financial management consultation

• Tools and resources to set goals, benchmarks and control expenses

• Chart Audit

• Fees analysis

• Material pricing analysis

• Online presence analysis, including Demographic Analysis report

• Practice layout and technology advisement

• DISC Personality Profile

o DISC is an acronym for: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness

o Use personality profile assessments for selection the right candidate, building your team, and mentoring your team

o Reporting of three graphics representing each individual’s personality

• Staffing model

• Staff training and ongoing accountability include:

o Leadership

o Customized schedule template and management

o Dispensary management

o Customized staff sales and technical semantics

o Insurance billing and accounts receivables

o Scoreboard utilization and understanding for growth and improvement

o Clinic care optimization

o Contact lens best practices

o Evolved patient experience and office flow

• Associate doctor recommendations

Your optometry business goals are obtainable with the Intensive Growth program.

This customized approach will give you an array of business tools and consultative services for your journey to a successful expansion of your optometry practice.

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