June 14, 2021

While out shopping the other day, I came across a t-shirt that said optometry. Actually, that’s what my optician brain thought it said. What is actually said was optimist. Because my first reaction was a disappointment, I left without buying the shirt, but I’ve since been thinking about the word optimist and how it still applies to the eye care professionals I get the opportunity to work with. Those that have remained optimistic continue to succeed. It’s a major component to being able to deal with the challenges they’ve had and the obstacles optometry practices continue to face. As a Practice Management Director for Williams Group, I am here to remind doctors of their successes, so they can remain optimistic. Although we are also here for the regular doses of reality too. The right combination of optimistic and realistic allows you to balance and put the right things in motion, at the right time.

I encourage you to take the time to meet with your team and reflect on the last year. During a crisis is when we are able to see strong points and weak ones with more clarity. Write down what worked really well and what didn’t. For instance, financial and payroll reporting due to the PPP loans was either very easy to attain or it was difficult. Working with the right accounting platforms or the relationships you have with your accountant or bank was critical. Take the time to think through your experience and make the decision to make things better moving forward, so the next time, it's easier and less stressful. It can be much easier for you to remain optimistic.

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Ellie Rogers

Practice Management Director
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