Form an Optometric Partnership

Williams Group has been forming successful optometrist partnerships since 1987

Why Guidance While Forming an Optometric Partnership?

Agreement Formulation

Experienced partnership purchase agreement & operating agreement advisory.

Partner Income Impact

Experienced compensation advisory & income impact for all partners.

Tax Advisory

Experienced licensed CPA tax advisory, transaction tax minimization

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A Partnership Success Story: Gene Calkins, OD

"When our MD partner expressed an interest in selling a portion of his ownership in our practice, we needed help with both establishing the value of the practice and transitioning shares to the new MD partner. We interviewed consultants with experience in working with optometry and ophthalmology practices, in search of a team that had a background of working with both professions. Williams Group was that team. With them, we received a comprehensive practice valuation that we were all comfortable with. They also provided advice and documents that both our existing partners and new partner greatly appreciated as they allowed for a smooth and successful transition. Williams Group was clearly the right choice."

Learn more about forming an optometric partnership.

Optometric Partnership Process

  1. Strategic Partnership Formation

  2. Balanced and Fair Agreements

  3. Enhanced Practice Growth and Stability

Explore the potential of your optometry practice through a partnership.

Williams Group is the optometry leader in helping optometrists form and negotiate partnerships.

  • Over thirty years of experience

  • Helped thousands of optometrists

  • Understand the terminology used in contracts

  • Neutral party during negotiations

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