Optometry Practice Transition: From a Client’s Perspective 

August 14, 2023
Selling an optometry practice is a significant decision. It’s more than just numbers. It’s about understanding the process and feeling comfortable. Which is why our clients come back to us time again to guide them through the ownership transition process.
 Dr. Jennifer Davis shares her experience: 
What areas of your practice have seen the most impact? Do you have any statistics you can share? 
Jennifer E. Davis: "The most impactful aspect was being able to feel comfortable with the process of the buyout. I don't have any statistics to share per se, but Bill Nolan was our facilitator and he had years of experience leading practice transitions and um acquisitions. I really wanted a neutral third party. So, emotions wouldn't get in the way. And Williams consulted, consulting, created a fair and professional environment really to have those often-tough conversations and just a platform to know which questions to ask. Um for me having a sounding board to express my concerns and to ask questions to an experienced professional was everything it just really gave me the peace of mind that I needed."
Why did you choose/continue to choose Williams Group? 
Jennifer E. Davis: "I actually wasn't the one who chose Williams Group. Um The doctor whose practice I was purchasing, chose Williams and he as a practice seller and I as the practice buyer split the consulting fee 50 50. Um Throughout his entire career, the practice seller had always recognized the importance of practice management. And the Williams group was one of the consulting companies he had used in years past. Um but because he remained impressed with what they had previously offered and what they consistently brought to the table, having them be the ones to facilitate, facilitate our practice transition was a no-brainer."
At Williams Group, it’s important to develop a strategy for your ownership transition, to understand the fair market value of your practice, address all of your complex questions, receive the guidance and attention you need, and to help you achieve a successful practice transition.  
If you’re seeking an ownership transition within the next 12 months, we invite you to learn more about how we can support you.  
Schedule your complimentary call with Tammi Sufficool, Executive Vice President of Practice Transitions today!
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