Do you understand your practice financials?

When is the last time you reviewed practice financials?

Does your staffing model include training?

Is it time to hire an administrator or an associate?

Is your practice netting at least one million dollars?

FastTrack is the solution for you!


Strategic planning sessions with your personally assigned Executive Management Coach will lead you to practice success.


Learn the components of practice ownership
Commit to being highly involved
Dive deep into practice performance
Set benchmarks and control expenses
Develop a plan of action
Analyze fee and material pricing
Conduct a chart audit

Schedule your call to learn more about our in-depth optometric consulting and training that has been proven to help practices reach their million-dollar goals.

Williams Group is an optometric consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners succeed in their line of work through the guidance of business fundamentals, accounting and payroll processing, and a practice transition.

With decades of experience in optometry, our team is prepared for any scenario. We've been industry leaders for over 40 years, and through those years we've developed services custom to each of our clients because no practice operates the same.

We know the stress of running an optometric business, keeping your finances in order, and deciding when and how to transition because we've been there before too. From one business owner to another, let us guide you to the road to success.

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