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Listen as Dr. Jennifer E. Davis explains her experience of an ownership change with Williams Group facilitating the practice transition.

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Data Collection

Gather essential financial and operational data, including practice revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, patient demographics, and location.

Valuation Methodologies

The four widely accepted methods consider the value of your goodwill, inventory, and equipment. These methods look at all parts of the business to arrive at a fair valuation.

Appraisal Report

A detailed appraisal report outlines the value drivers of your practice and provides a clear valuation. This serves as a valuable negotiation tool 

Post-Appraisal Support

Ongoing support and guidance throughout the transition process, helping you navigate challenges and achieve a successful outcome.

Peer-to-Peer Sale

If you desire to buy or sell a practice, or establish a partnership which may or may not lead to a buyout, our professional consultants will assist you in the development of a clear path.

Private Equity Sale

Our sale-side representation advisors will help you reduce the stress and hassle of a successful transition to the right private equity firm.

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Executive Vice President of Practice Transition

With over twenty-six years of experience, Tammi brings a unique and diverse understanding to the eye care industry. Her strong work ethic and talent for financial and business data analysis, strategic direction, and operational execution helps practices understand the steps necessary for a successful transition, whether it be a fractional buy-in or a full buy/sell transaction.

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