Williams Group DISC personality profiles are now available outside of our upper-tier  consulting programs! With the personality profiles, you can learn more about each team member and how to better communicate with them, what their strengths are, and where their opportunities lie.


Explaining people's emotional responses

The DISC Personality Profile is designed to measure four important personality factors. After completing the questionnaire, the results will be calculated and shown in a graph format, as well as a detailed written explanation. From here, you'll learn the unique blend of their four personality factors.


Relating to control, power, directness, and assertiveness


Relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness


Relating to social situations and communication


Relating to structure, rule-oriented, and organization

Knowledge For Your Practice

The DISC personality profile measures behavioral patterns and can be used for recruitment strategies, performance, and management, as well as training and development.

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Recruitment Strategy

Identify what you are looking for. The profile gives us insight into how a candidate is likely to behave in a role. Does the person have what you need?

Performance & Management

Manage the positions and talent within your company. Is the person doing what you need? How can we provide the tools to allow this person to be successful in the role?

Training & Development

Help your team understand their strengths and opportunities. How can we better work together as a team if we understand others' personality traits?

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