Introducing Williams Group's Practice Performance Analysis Package

You want to know what opportunities are already available in your practice? You got it.

You want to change your bottom line almost immediately?
You got it.

You want personalized advice from one of our senior consultants? You got it.

What's Included?

Our practice performance analysis (PPA) is an in-depth evaluation of your practice's strengths, opportunities for improvement, and areas that need help in order to grow.

After we conduct your thorough PPA, you will receive:

  • a one-on-one call with a Williams Group consultant
  • a financial analysis
  • a coding usage review
  • a review of your EHR utilization
  • an accounts receivable and billing management review
  • a demographic report

What's the Cost?

The cost for this new service is $3250. Most of our clients find that they recover the cost (and more!) by following the suggestions from the PPA review.

You can't move forward without first knowing where you stand.

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