Start-Up Program Testimonials

I opened my practice in 2019 as a cold start after working as an associate in another practice for 16 years. While I was confident in my clinical skills, I knew that I needed guidance when it came to the business side. I was very unsure of how or where to start when it came to developing the business side of a practice. I knew I needed a consultant and with Williams Group serving many practices in the Midwest, I felt confident in every conversation I had with the team at WG and knew they would be a good partner. The FastStart program was the best investment I made and it has paid for itself as my practice continues to grow year over year. I have continued my relationship with my consultant, Sheila, through monthly meetings to review the health of my business by looking a various indices using the amazing forecasting and tracking spreadsheets designed by Williams Group. I can't imagine NOT using Williams Group, honestly. I have a very "well oiled machine" and I love going to work every day without the ongoing stressors that I hear about from my other colleagues. It has been nice to just have a consistent resource for answers to my questions as I navigate business ownership and solo practice.

Stacey Jones, OD | eyeSMILE Vision

The FastStart program seemed like the best way to obtain professional guidance in opening a private practice as a "cold start". I initially was looking at opening by myself, then partnered with Dr. Tiffany Gates. The Williams Group has guided us on this journey from the start and it has been one of the best decisions we have made to continue our partnership with the Williams Group. We opened cold in February 2020, the pandemic happened, we opened again in April 2020 and have grown ever since. The Williams Group is friendly, knowledgeable, and of great value to our practice. We foresee continuing our relationship with the Williams Group due to its value and positive impact on how we run our practice. Williams Group provides monthly guidance on financial goals with benchmarks. In addition, we added utilization of Williams Group accounting and payroll after about a year. The accurate and detailed financial reports are a huge value as we analyze monthly numbers and goals. We look forward to our monthly phone meeting with Sheila as she has amazing insight in helping us continue to grow our practice.

Anne Metzger, OD | Visionary Eye Care

As a cold start in 2020, we needed guidance. You don't know what you don't know, so it's best to have mentorship to lessen the chance of trial and error. The FastStart program set us up for success. The forecasting spreadsheets and monthly meetings helped us set goals and work to achieve them. Our growth has been greater than predicted. Now in our 4th year in practice, and we are seeing 15%+ growth from the previous year. Williams Group and our consultant Sheila have been an excellent sounding board for our practice. With two owners, we sometimes need a tie breaker to finalize an important decision.

Tiffany Gates, OD | Visionary Eye Care

Working in non-private practice settings have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it was always an ambition to run my own business. After 25 years of practicing in medical and retail, and feeling limited in scope and ability to make improvements, I decided it was time to pursue my dream. Starting a practice from scratch and making all the required decisions from location, design, equipment, staffing, budgeting, marketing, and many other factors can be daunting. Williams Group are the calm professionals who supplied the knowledge and direction I needed to keep it all focused. Their experience and advice helped me utilize the best decisions and yield optimal outcomes without going through trial and error processes. I am already seeing patient growth patterns occurring and taking effect based on all the infrastructure built from Williams Group’s guidance.

Scott Sander, OD | Spectrum Eyecare

The thought of opening my own practice was a huge step out of my comfort zone. By partnering with Williams Group, my practice was more successful, more profitable, and more unique when it comes to local competition.

Emily Shull, OD | Sight Eyecare and Eyewear

Even though my consultant was always available by phone or email, I found the information presented at New Business Training to be extremely valuable as well. The training motivated me to improve my marketing and consider other great business, financial, and staff management strategies.

Kara Ramsey, OD | Eyecare For You

When I decided to transition away from corporate and open my own practice, I wanted to do it right. Being independent doesn't mean you have to start on your own. Williams Group helped reduce the stress of decision making, including lease negotiations, financing, and equipment purchases. With their guidance, I have built a solid foundation and I am truly excited for the future of my practice.

Kristin Reed, OD | Modern Eyes

If I had all the information I needed to open my new practice, I could have implemented on my own, but it would have taken me a lot longer and would have been more stressful. Having my consultants guiding me along the way was invaluable. Not just from the business and financial side of things but the emotional side as well. They were definitely my cheering squad.

Jean Nham, OD | Uptown Family Vision

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