25+ year practice and 10+ year practice for sale at the same location. The 10+ year practiced is owned by Stuart Anderson OD and it is his satellite practice. He sees patients 1.5 days per week. The 25+ year practice is owned by Spencer Mortensen OD and he sees patients 3 days per week. Dr. Anderson's practice averages about $90k per year and Dr. Mortensen's practice averages about $300+k per year. Dr. Anderson is asking 45k obo. Dr. Mortensen is asking $156 obo. Both Drs. are motivated to sell and are willing to negotiate. The office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

For practice inquiries, contact Stuart Anderson.
(801) 870-5056

This office is “turn-key” ready. The sale includes hard assets, including diagnostic instrumentation, exam lane and chair, all furniture, desks, file cabinets, computer, fax, printer, and approximately 4,600 patient records. The sale also includes trial contact lenses, frame bars, frame cases, lens edger, and over 100 frames (easily expandable to 200). Goodwill (potential) and excellent known location.  Recall postcards have been pre-addressed so the new optometrist can print on the reverse side to announce new ownership/ patient care mission, etc.

Monthly rent is approximately $1,500 per month with the current owner currently paying rent to hold the location. The carpet will be replaced at the owner’s expense to coordinate with the new owner’s color scheme and office design. The office is about 1,300 sq. ft. on the second floor, accessible via a ramp. Utilities include electricity, natural gas, and phone/computer costs (the 3 phones stay in the office). The office building has an adjacent attorney, a chiropractic physician below on the first floor, and a dentist across the breezeway. These professionals have been at this location for years and are stable and easy to get along with.

Practice asking price is $85,620.  Earnest money of $5,000 will be applied to the $25,000 down payment. Owner is willing to finance a qualified buyer for the balance of $60,620. Financing can be worked out with the help of my CPA and attorney.

For Inquiries, please contact:

Terry M. Hansen, O.D.



Leave a message and I will return call.