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At Williams Group, we specialize in delivering comprehensive and accurate appraisals for professional practices. For over 30 years the experts at the Williams Group have provided appraisal and transition consulting to Practice Coach, a leading Veterinary practice management firm. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in practice valuation. We are committed to providing you with an objective, detailed, and reliable appraisal that reflects the unique aspects of your practice. Whether you are considering selling, expanding, or seeking insight for strategic planning, our appraisals provide the clarity and accuracy you need to make informed decisions.

How much is your practice worth?

Independent + Objective

Your valuation is completed by a neutral specialist whose sole focus is finding the true value of your practice. What is most important is that your appraisal will be an unbiased, accurate and defendable.


Our team includes experts with over 30 years of experience in practice sales, transitions, and financing. Our vast experience can be used to your advantage.

Accurate Valuations

Using well established and accepted appraising models, you've receive a complete practice valuation, as well as a comprehensive demographic analysis of the community which is helpful to buyers.

Follow Up

You will receive a comprehensive, personalized appraisal report followed up with a personalized consultation with your appraiser to go over the evaluation to answer any questions.

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Our Experience Speaks for Itself





What We Can Do For You Following the Practice Valuation

Our transitions consulting will provide you a strategic planning opportunity to consult on various aspects of selling your practice or how to bring on a new doctor to fulfill your exit strategy. Williams Group will make complete recommendations for all key issues of the transition.


Associate buy-in involves an associate veterinarian acquiring a stake in the veterinary practice. This process typically includes a valuation of the practice, negotiation of terms, and legal documentation. It's a strategic move for practice growth, allowing associates to invest in their workplace and transition into partial owners. This approach can motivate associates, ensure practice continuity, and facilitate gradual ownership transitions.


Owner exit strategies are plans developed for practice owners who are looking to retire or leave the business. These strategies encompass determining the practice's value, identifying potential buyers or successors, and structuring the sale or transfer. Effective exit strategies ensure the owner maximizes financial benefits while maintaining the practice's legacy and continuity of care for clients.


Partnership buy-out occurs when one or more partners in a veterinary practice decide to buy out another partner's share. This process involves valuing the partner's stake, negotiating buy-out terms, and legally transferring ownership. Buy-outs are common during partnership dissolutions, retirements, or when restructuring ownership and are crucial for the practice's stability and future direction.

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Why do I need a practice appraisal?

The benefits of a practice appraisal include: for a practice sale, partnership buy-ins, refinancing, insurance purposes, divorce, estate planning, or strategic planning.


Many factors influence the timeline, but generally it takes between 4 -6 weeks to complete the valuation of your practice.

How do I prepare for an appraisal?

Organize your financial records, last three years tax returns, last three years profit and loss statements, and accurate list of inventory and equipment. 

What factors influence the value of my practice?

The single most important factor that influences the value of a practice is its financial performance and net income. 

How will my practice be valued?

Using four reliable and well-established financial models your appraiser will evaluate the value of your practice.

Is the appraisal confidential?

Yes, absolutely. All financial documents and conversations about your practice are kept in strictest confidence. Williams Group and the client will execute a Non-disclosure agreement before the engagement begins.

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