What Arrows are in Your Quiver?

December 13, 2021

I recently had a fun conversation with Dr. Cockrell, CEO at Williams Group, about how vision-related treatment modalities are like arrows in the optometrist's quiver. Just consider the metaphor as it relates to treating your patients... 

  •       You definitely want to have enough arrows available for a prolonged fight 
  •       They better be in good, clean, working condition with sharp arrowheads 
  •       The arrow is no good if you don't have a good way to deliver it! (how's your "bow"?) 
  •       Sometimes other warriors design BETTER arrows and you'll want to consider that new design 
  •       Once you've chosen your arrows, you better do some frequent target practice so you know how to use them when the time is upon you to fight! 

What's in YOUR quiver? Medications, surgical procedures, vision therapy, neurovisual medicine, innovative lens designs like Neurolens or GSRx’s ND4, aesthetic treatments, dry eye management protocols, myopia management systems? 

The more arrows you have ready to draw, the better off your patients, your practice and your business will be! Be ready to slay the giant! 

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Bess Ogden

Director of Education and Training
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