Cross Training Basics

March 8, 2021

Have you ever found yourself new to an office? In my experience, no matter what office I am at, one thing has always remained consistent; the basics. We've created the program Preliminary Testing Part 1 to establish a foundation that could transpire with you at any office within the industry.  Learning common preliminary tests and instrumentation can directly impact the productivity of the office. New staff members can quickly and easily immerse themselves into high demand work flow areas.  

How else might you utilize this Optometric Success Center program? Have you ever had a staff member unexpectedly call-in unable to come into work and you suddenly find yourself short staffed? But with a full schedule, we must keep going! When you implement these basics with each staff member, you develop a baseline towards cross training at your office. Every role in your office would benefit from knowing these essential skills and introductory information to preliminary tests and common instrumentation. When you implement a cross training protocol, you also create a team mentality and establish a uniform expectation.  

If your office has ever been in situations where a patient is waiting due to only a few staff members being trained on a specific area, this program is for you! Eliminate the barriers that prevent your patients from coming back after a great experience at your office as we continue to work toward reducing wait time.  

A general overview of the program includes education, instrumentation review, scripting samples, and common patient feedback and responses. Let this program help you onboard a new team member or elevate education of your current staff to increase efficiency at your office. Our hope is to inspire anyone new to the industry or motive development for seasoned Eye Care Professionals with this program. To owners, associates, and management; use this as a guide on where to start with staff training.

Invest in the education and development of your staff with Preliminary Testing Part 1! Join our Executive Management Program.

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Maritza Castilleja

Executive Management Coach
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