Excelling in 5 STAR Patient Care

January 27, 2021

Providing exceptional customer satisfaction is a huge aspect in nearly every organization. Excelling in 5 STAR patient care takes it a step further to ensure we are treating and caring for our patients on another level while still providing exceptional customer satisfaction. We encourage our clients to consistently provide satisfying, timely, attainable, and result-driven care with each and every patient that walks through the doors of the practice. 

Understanding the patient care cycle within the optometry practice is an important factor in ensuring that we help guide our practice in the right direction for success. By understanding the patient care cycle, we are able to better enhance our patient experience and ensure that we are providing 5 STAR care, for every patient.  

Look at the practice from a different perspective - walk into the practice with the eyes of a patient to evaluate the processes and procedures. We must take a moment with our team to identify and review each stage of the patient care cycle within the practice and take time to evaluate the processes and procedures - identify possible flaws and potential opportunities. Not only do you have to identify possible flaws and potential opportunities - you must act to improve or enhance the patient care cycle in your practice based on your findings.  

Providing 5 STAR patient care is certainly a team approach - it only takes one person throughout the entire patient care cycle to negatively affect the patient's experience. As the optometrist and owner of the practice, express your expectations to the team and consistently speak to the importance of providing 5 STAR patient care. After all, without patients, nothing else matters.

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