Optical Conversations

March 22, 2021

Eyewear choices are everywhere, so why would your patient choose your practice for their eyewear needs? What sets apart optometry practices is opticians that have more than the skills of opticianry and sales. In the Optical Conversations course, we discuss how to build the relationship with the patient to establish trust and create the ultimate patient experience.  

It’s also important to establish value and the importance of proper frame and lens selection. This comes with training and understanding of your lens product.  But also, with how this information is presented to your patient. For some opticians, presenting the retail totals and summarizing the patients purchase is the most uncomfortable component of sales. The best opticians pay attention to what they say and how they say it. At the Williams Group, we want to make sure that every optician understands how to conclude sales and most importantly, that we remember that our patient care does not conclude once we dispense patients eyewear, but beyond this year and next. 

Today our optometry practices face many challenges, especially to optical revenue. As more and more eyewear options are flooding the market every day,  opticians face the real issue of effectively and efficiently closing optical sales, all the while not sacrificing the relationship we must build with our patients. We at the Williams Group believe that this is the responsibility of all team members including our doctors. We discuss and learn how to do exactly that and how to do it well within our OSC training programs. 

In our Optometric Success Center optical programs, we discuss the basics of optical, but also the techniques, semantics and best practices for your opticians.  This hyper focused training will translate into loyal patients that return to your practice for all of their eyewear needs, year after year.  


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Ellie Rogers

Practice Management Director
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